Safe Ship Moving Services Discusses on How to Move Fragile Items: Tips to Pack Fragile Treasures Like a Pro

Safe Ship Moving Services Discusses on How to Move Fragile Items: Tips to Pack Fragile Treasures Like a Pro

Relocating to a new residence is marked as a thrilling phase of life, yet it can be stressful and pose challenges, specifically in protecting fragile or delicate belongings during the transition. Fragile products such as elegant glassware, ceramics, and rare antiques demand careful handling and special attention to ensure they reach the desired location safely without any damage. Safe Ship Moving Services considers that adopting the right techniques and approaches in packing is crucial to ensure the security of fragile valuables and lessen their likelihood of breakage. Following are six tips from experts to help individuals go through the process seamlessly. 

Have the Appropriate Supplies 

Before initiating the packing process of fragile objects, individuals need to ensure that they have the much-needed supplies handy. The supplies include robust boxes or cartoons of different sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, as well as packing tape. Make sure to procure top-notch supplies to ensure optimal protection of the sentimental possessions during transit. 

Wrap Each Object Individually 

To protect the delicate items from getting damaged, wrap every item individually using bubble wrap or packing paper. An ideal way is to crumple a few pieces of packing paper and thereafter put them at the bottom of the box to form a steady cushioning layer. Then, wrap every item with due care ensuring that all sides of the object are satisfactorily covered. For items that are highly delicate and valued, for example, porcelain figurines, or crystal stemware, consider wrapping them twice for extra protection.

Make Use of Dividers and Padding 

While transporting things that are vulnerable to shifting in the course of transit, such as plates and dishes, it makes sense to use dividers as well as padding to ensure their optimal safety. Put a layer of crumpled packing papers or packing peanuts between each item to avoid any kind of knocking causing damage. Consider utilizing the partition kits or cardboard dividers to create individual compartments within the box.  

Pack Boxes Strategically

It is worth noting, that when packing delicate items, ensuring to balance the weight evenly is integral. Moreover, avoid over packing boxes. Place the items that are weighty at the bottom and subsequently put the lighter things after providing a layer of crumpled packing paper. Also, make sure to fill up the gaps with packing material to prevent items from shifting during transit.

Clearly Mark Boxes 

Marking the boxes clearly and in bold letters is a smart way to alert the movers that they are handling delicate items. Make sure to use a permanent marker and write ‘Fragile’ alongside ‘Handle with Care’ on all sides of the box. It is also recommended to clarify how the box should be oriented while handling. For instance ‘This side up’ – works as a reminder for both families and movers like Safe Ship Moving Services to handle the boxes as directed.  

Solidify Boxes 

To provide extra protection for fragile items, increase the strength of boxes by using extra layers of packing tape. Pay special attention to the base of the box, since it is more prone to splitting under the pressure of the contents. It is recommended to use multiple layers of tape around the box in a crisscross direction that adds to its durability.

Packing fragile items before moving needs proper planning, strategic packing approaches, and attention to detail. Make sure to follow the above tips with diligence that helps protect the delicate belongings while ensuring they reach the new abode intact. 


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