Ten Key Factors Of Air Pillows

Ten Key Factors Of Air Pillows

Whenever shifting is done, we often use air pillow packaging. The name suggests that these are protective and lightweight just like a feather. The reason for opting for it is to save valuable storage space. Other than that, it also adapts the packing process to meet the demands of on-site needs. 

Several types of air cushion consist and it ensures the safety of the products. When the luggage becomes overloaded, then air cushion packing is used for safe transport. The air pillows are available in different shapes and sizes. The best thing is that they are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. 

Key features of air pillow: 

Nowadays, people use air pillow packaging for shifting things. It has different types of uses.

air pillow packaging
  1. Due to versatility, air pillows are used in various types of shopping applications. This seems to be the best for small and lightweight products to shift from one region to the other.
  1. It has a non-abrasive nature, which is why air pillows are perfect for delicate and fragile materials. The materials are glass and ceramic. It is best suited for cushioning and also to fill voids during packaging.
  1. Generally, the air pillow packaging is very thin and lightweight. I make the packages vulnerable to being popped out. So, these are not best suited for sharp edges items and heavyweight. Things might get damaged. Bubble wraps seem to be the best choice for this case.
  1. Air pillows are of several types. It is made up of high dentist polyethene plastic. It can be recycled and is considered to be the best sustainable package solution rather than other packaging substitutes.
  1. Just because, air pillows are tiny bags filled with air, that is why little plastic is used to manufacture.
  1. Other materials like peanuts packing and polystyrene, often fly away here and there. It polluted the environment. However, nothing happens like that with air pillows. It is lightweight but it will not fly away here and there. It is because air pillows are made up of 99% air and 1% film and it results in very little or negligible waste.
  1. Other than that, air pillow packaging is recyclable. At this same time, it is effortless to dispose of and also takes little storage takes.
  1. So, it can be stated that air pillows are recyclable as well as environmentally friendly.
  1. It is reusable and perfect for packing delicate and fragile items. However, if you keep on reusing it again and again then it may get tattered and deflated. It becomes useless.
  1. As it is made up of plastic as well, that is why some people stated that it might be harmful. That is to reuse those and throw them in the bin. 

To sum it up, we must say that air pillow packaging is the best option for those who are shifting lots of products from one region to another. However, customers are shooting their focus from traditional packaging materials for eco-friendly options. 

The environment is deteriorating day by day. The only solution is to save money and nature in the long run.


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