How You Can Reach Shikharji Temple By Train

How You Can Reach Shikharji Temple By Train

Shikharji Temple in Jharkhand is amongst the most attended Jain tourist spots and is considered one of the holiest of all Jain Teerths. Shikharji is the term given to the temple because of its location. Shikharji means “highest or most venerable point.”Pilgrims must trek through the Madhuban Forest to visit this temple. The region between the Summit and the Gandharva Nala Stream is revered by Jainism devotees. You can reach the temple by train, air, or road. The nearest railway station to the temple is the Parasnath railway station appx. 23 km from Madhuban where the temple is located.  you can also order Jain Food in Train now. On the train, you will also enjoy affordable rides with all comforts.

The online food in trains for Jain is safe and hygienic. Because the food from the best restaurants must pass through multiple checkpoints before it reaches you. The meal is produced by the best chef, who does not spare on the quality of the ingredients.

How To Reach Shikharji Temple By Train From Delhi:

You can easily reach  Shikharji Temple from Delhi. As there are many trains that travel to Parasnath. Two special trains NEW DELHI BHUBANESWAR SPECIAL – 02824, and BHUBANESWAR FESTIVAL SPECIAL – 02820, 6 covid special trains POORVA EXP SPL, HWH RAJ SPL, NDLS BBS SPL, PURSHOTTAM SPL, NEELACHAL SPL, AND ANVT PURI SPL., And many other trains also travel to parasnath. All these trains also have online food delivery options.

You can order healthy and delicious food on this train from the stations that are linked with Indian railways to deliver food. Top-rated restaurants provide e- catering services on these trains. That means you can now enjoy food plus a journey together on the train. That too on your seat. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and taste on the train now. Because you can order food of your choice from the best restaurants on the train. Jain people can also now enjoy their favorite food. 

How to Reach – Parasnath (Jharkhand) from Bangalore (Karnataka) by train: 

From Bangalore, you can take Koaa Jat Express 13151 Train, Rajdhani Express 12301, Chambal Express 12177, Netaji Express 12311, Sdah Aii Sf Exp 12987, Hwh Bkn Express 22307, Mumbai Mail 12321, and many more trains. All these trains have their own different routes but the destination is parasnath which is the nearest station to the  Shikharji Temple. You can take a taxi or cab from parasnath railway station to Shikharji Temple further. 

You can also order Jain food on the train mentioned above. All these trains have the best service of Jain food that you can avail of by following simple steps. The different websites like zoopindia, railyatri, IRCTC official, and many more apps provide the best Jain food on the train. You can also order other food on the train like Punjabi food, south Indian food, Hyderabadi food, Gujarati food, and many more food items or beverages like tea, coffee, and juice with some snacks are also available. 

How you can order Jain food when traveling to Shikharji Temple by train 

Online portals or several meal delivery partners affiliated with railways make it simple to order Jain food. To begin, go to the website and look for the search bar option, where you must enter a 10-digit PNR number. When you enter no, you will ask to choose a delivery station and a restaurant. So choose your alternatives wisely. The restaurant menu selection will then appear in front of you, from which you can choose pure Jain meals in train for yourself and your family.

The payment page will now appear, with options to pay via Google Pay, phone pay, BHIM, and other online transaction methods, as well as cash delivery. The last step is to send a confirmation email. After that, a confirmation message will send to your mobile phone number to verify your order, and you may relax and enjoy your Jain meal. You can also order any other food by the same process. 

Jain Food That You Must Try On The Train: 

Do you identify as Jain? And taking the train. You also practice Jain food rituals. You may now order Jain Food On Train, which is entirely vegetarian. I’ll go over several Jain foods that you can eat on the train while traveling.

Upma: Upma has a wonderful smell. You should eat upma with a lot of veggies and coconut chutney for breakfast.

khichdi dal: Jain dal khichdi is the ideal meal that non-Jain people may enjoy. The right addition of each spice in the khichdi provides the khichdi with a great flavor. And this light 

Snack Is Ideal For Traveling Jain Dhokla: The smooth and healthful dhokla cooked from gram flour is an excellent alternative for Jain in the evening. This dhokla is also a veggie platter that Jain can order without hesitation.

The Jain thali: This thali serves as a whole dinner. Rice, roti/chapati, two types of sabzi, dal, pickle, and dessert are included. This means no onion, garlic, or other root veggies. And there are new vegetables in the thali every day.

Biryani Jain: Yes, Jain people can now enjoy the flavor of biryani. Biryani made using peas, bell peppers, beans, dry fruits, and a variety of spices. It’s also the most popular.


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