Details on the Sunset Cruise

Details on the Sunset Cruise

Are you planning a trip to Goa? If so, don’t forget to include a sunset boat river cruise in your itinerary. A sunset river cruise is something that will make your Goa vacation memorable. During this hour-long cruise, you will sail down the Mandovi River and witness the sunset. Furthermore, the night view of Panjim and Betim will captivate you.

A slew of programmes are designed to make you feel awesome while you enjoy the cosy sunset and the breezy evening. During the sailing, you will be treated to the traditional Goan dance forms of Dekhni and Fugdi. Fugdi is a type of traditional dance performed by women 

Ganesh Chaturthi is a well-known Hindu festival. After the performance, you are invited to the dance floor, which is taken over by DJ.

This Mandovi River cruise is an excellent way to spend time with family, friends, and relatives. It is the best option for rejuvenating your senses and getting away from the day’s hectic sightseeing schedule. The cruise will allow you to enjoy a classy sunset as well as wonderful sightseeing in Goa.

Boat Tours for Sightseeing

The couple will have the most exciting time on the romantic sunset cruise. Of course, there is nothing more romantic than watching the famous and beautiful Goan sunset with your love. The sunset river cruise package also includes sightseeing 

to the Adil Shah Palace, the Floating Mandovi Bridge, the Penha De Franca Church, and the Floating Casinos Reis Magos Fort Fort Aguada Cruise

Package Price

The cost of exploring the breathtaking sunset view is 649 INR. You can make an advance booking for the best sunset river cruise Goa while planning your vacation in Goa. You can enjoy an evening cruise in Goa by making a reservation on the enquiry page. Our sunset river cruise organisers will contact you once you complete the form.

Sunset Cruise Schedule

The sunset cruise departs from the Panjim point. A cruise ship departs every hour.

The first cruise departs at 6:00 p.m., followed by the second at 7.30 p.m.

Reservation Information

The trip to the river cruise does not include pick-up and drop-off at the location. The videos and photographs are also not included in the trip package. Snacks and drinks are available on the deck, but only after you pay an additional fee.

Overview of the Boat

The vessel will have an upper and lower deck. You can capture the most beautiful images of the smoky sunset and have a good view of the city and the river from the upper deck. The trip is appropriate for people of all shapes and sizes.

Even children are permitted. Such places are popular with children. Couples who want to spend special time with their loved ones prefer such cruises.

Make your reservation in advance to avoid standing in a long line for a ticket and prepare for the most exciting time of your life, in the company of your friends and loved ones. The glamorous sunset, followed by some amazing sightseeing, will undoubtedly make your vacation unforgettable and breathtaking.

How is the trip going?

Going to Goa for a vacation and looking for something to do in the evening? If you answered yes, then this river cruise is for you. This cruise is designed to make you feel enchanted in the dusky aura while carrying your partner’s hands. The one-hour river cruise will allow you to experience Goan culture, folk music, DJ performances, magnificent sightseeing, and more.

After a long day of sightseeing in the city, the festive atmosphere of the evening river cruise will revitalise your mood and senses. With this sunset river cruise in Goa, you can feel young at heart and enjoy the unstoppable music flowing down the river and the boat.


  • Sailing on the Mandovi River: Spend an hour sailing down the Mandovi River and watching the sunset.
  • Sightseeing: Incredible sightseeing will undoubtedly make your vacation unforgettable and breathtaking.
  • Goan Folk Dance: You will be able to enjoy the classical Goan dance form while sailing.
  • Sunset Experience: Enjoy the famous and beautiful Goan sunset with your love.
  • Live DJ Music: Listen to continuous music while the DJ is on the deck.

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