Indrahar Pass Trek: A Complete Trekking Guide

Indrahar Pass Trek: A Complete Trekking Guide


With elegant scenery, aerated streams, intense ravine, reposeful lakes, and evergreen forest all during the tour, the Indrahar Pass Trek is situated in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most breathtaking treks in the Himalayan region of India that vesicles the mind of many trekkers including all age group. The tour is a perfect mingling of manifold nature and orthodox colors of Himachal, and it extends from an altitude of around 2,875 meters to 4,425 meters. The Indrahar Pass creates the partition among Chambre and Kangra districts and lays an uncovered stretch range of Dhauladhar with the captivating sightings of hamlets beneath. It also unmasks the serene waters of Kareri and Lake Manikani. However, the tragic gibber road tracks of the region of rhododendrons and Dhauladhar, a flexible compass of warblers at various elevations enhance the trekking experience and win the heart of many explorers.

Once you arrive at your awaited location, the sight from the peak would be eye-catching and you will feel like you are no longer related to this world. The Indrahar pass trek accepts many trekking fanatics during the peak of the trekking season because of the invincible scenery of the alpine ranges and the elegant climate of the area all during the season of trekking. Adding further, this fascinating trek also lets you experience and wallow in with a few of the nomadic communities of Himachal, instigating you to an entire new mush of Himachal’s food, hospitality, and culture. Moreover, you need not be a dedicated professional trekker to be able to trek this Indrahar pass. It only includes an easy to moderate trekking level, granting also the novice to enjoy it to its full potential.

Places guide

There are many places to guide that you can’t afford to miss, let’s have a peek at a few of them.

1. Hampta pass

2. Bhrigu lake

3. Kareri lake

4. Triund

5. Bhagsu falls

6. Temple of Chamunda Devi

7. Lahesh cave

8. Lake of Manimahesh

9. Dharamkot

10. Friendship peak trek.

These are the top ten list of a few places you can’t miss during your trekking experience to Indrahar pass.


– Region: it is present in Dhauladhar, Himachal Pradesh.

– The best time to visit: The best time to visit the Indrahar trek is from June to October.

– Trek type: it’s a moderate type of trek.

– Attitude: 14,245ft above sea level.

– Trek distance: approx 35kms far.

– Duration of the trek: 9 days.

Short itinerary

– The trek is full of amusing routes. The dhauladhar is in the spirit of the endlessly captivating range and Indrahar Trek is a total assortment of diverse contributions.

– The long, rocky cliffs are an example of being significant enough for the enormous plateau in the Himalayan range. 

– It is said to be the geologically active area as it is set on the major jab zone of the Indian plate.

Things are mandatory for the trek

– your ID cards are essential.

– Raincoats/poncho.

– Balaclava( a cap used for covering your ears and neck)or you can even use a scarf.

– Synthetic Hand gloves( assure that they are waterproof).

– Suncap, sunglasses, sunscreen(SPF40+). 

– Toiletries( soap, moisturizer, towel, toilet paper, chap).

– Headlamp or LED torch(compulsory for a better and safer trek).

– 2 to 3 liters of the water bottle should be carried while trekking.

– Cutlery( spoons, small plates, coffee mugs, etc).

– Bring a nutritious and healthy lunch or snack.

– Trekking poles(Compulsory).

– Plastic sheets( for wrapping electronic equipment in the snow and rainy season).

– Cameras (carry all appliances like charger and all). 

First Aid

– Cotton bandages.

– antiseptic liquids, and sprays.

– Crocin tablets (for pain relief).

– Diamox tablets ( reduces height sickness).

– Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS).

– Gauze.

– Cotton roll.

– Crepe bandages.

– Avomine ( for motion illness).

– Disprin (for mild pain relief).

– One tablet ( for indigestion problems).

– Norflox TZ ( acidity).


– The wonderful and enormous Indrahar can be the best suitable option for your adventurous and splendid trek spots in the range of the Himalayas. I hope this article helped you know the real essence of the beauty of the Indrahar trek.

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